Michael English Clonmel transforms your movie experience!

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29-Dec-2017 05:35 PM

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Michael English Clonmel -Michael and his team have done much research and brought out a luxury multiplex concept. Now a big screen is not only what you will be heading to theaters for. Cinema experience redefined with luxury seating space, 360 degree recline chairs, blankets, a call button to call your very own butler to bring menu and your order and also incredible culinary retreat. Yes! Are you excited at the very thought of this kind of theater experience? It is coming live near you.

Michael and his team have put much research in place to design a theater that will spell luxury in every element of it. You could unwind on recliner chairs with a cosy velvet blanket and gorge over some great dishes as you enjoy the thrill on the big screen. The special menu is curated by finest chefs in town to give the taste buds of viewers a joyous ride.

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